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When a lock cylinder fails to function correctly, anything can happen.
Best case scenario, it's a minor inconvenience. Worst case scenario, it's a health and safety nightmare.

The following scenario is an actual occurrence:
An armoured car messenger who was assigned the task of picking up liability
(cash and securities) from a large box store as they were closing, attempts to turn his key in the rim cylinder allowing him entry into the relative safety of the rear compartment of the armoured vehicle.
Road moisture and dirt had rendered the rim cylinder inoperative and the door would not open. The driver cannot access the rear compartment from the front of the vehicle.
The store is now closed, the messenger's safety has been comprised by the cash and securities still in his care. Access into the armoured vehicle will be delayed until the arrival of a professional locksmith. I know, I was that locksmith (AMLS MFG. - CEO)
These problems can be virtually eliminated once you incorporate the "Grimestopper" into your locking system.

Most facilities that utilize electronic controlled access systems, still rely on physical key cylinder bypass as a manual override in the event of a system malfunction. The Grimestopper can insure that "low usage" cylinders will work when they need to.

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