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Grime Stopper



"Canada's weather can be a very harsh environment. I know, because I've lived and worked there all my life.
As a 25 year veteran locksmith, I've seen how blowing snow, driving rain, dust and dirt can adversely affect a cylinder's operation.
My goal in designing this premium cylinder cover was to develop a durable, long lasting product capable of withstanding whatever Mother Nature chooses to throw at it"
"The Grimestopper is that product."
AMLS Manufacturing
Ceo /Director of Operations



  University of Arizona uses Grime Stopper

University of Arizona
Benefiting from the new GS-M/R-STP
Hundreds of units installed to date






The following are excerpts from actual emails sent to AMLS Manufacturing from University of Arizona, Facilities Management Lockshop.
-"My superior likes the new logo on the Grimestopper."
-"I am hoping it (GS-M/R-STP) will lessen the occurrence of false alarms by people using a key to bypass card access doors."
-"I can install it at a problem location."
-"I have already installed them and they are working great!"

-"We have ordered 50 of these now and will be ordering an additional 100 in early fall."
-"Thanks for all your help and support! Here are some pictures of what we are doing."


University of Arizona uses Grime Stopper Example 1 University of Arizona uses Grime Stopper Example 2 University of Arizona uses Grime Stopper Example 3





Grime Stopper in Europe

Grime Stopper in Europe


Third Generation, Paris locksmith, Robert Letellier (left) and district hardware representative, Jean Pelletot (right) praised the innovative design of the Canadian made Grimestopper Weather Shield.
The Grimestopper is described by many as being the perfect "Value Added Product." Its compatibility with the Euro-Profile and UK Oval style cylinder will give it complete market accessability in Europe according to Pelletot.



Grime Stopper in Europe

Robert Letellier of Letellier and Sons accepts a mounted version of the Grimestopper Lock Protector as a thank you for his hospitality.

Grime Stopper in Europe

Grime Stopper in Europe

Controlled access panel
(Paris, France)

Cylinder override
(Paris, France)

Grime Stopper in Europe

Grime Stopper in Europe

Old mortise deadbolt lock
(City of Tours, France)

Mortise cylinder with large keyway
(City of Tours, France)

Personal commentary from AMLS Manufacturing Director of Operations;

My meetings in France went very well, considering the language barrier. The security professionals I had the pleasure of getting to know were exceptional hosts. Subsequently, I was able to accompany them on trial installations of the Grimestopper Lock Protector.






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