Grimestopper Weather Shield

The body is made of a rust proof metal alloy. This premium cylinder cover utilizes a dowel hinge pin and backing plate constructed of high grade stainless steel.  

The revolutionary contours of the lid cam deliver a constant closing pressure for a better protective seal. 

The flat spring design means "NO COIL SPRING TO BREAK" and makes the "Grimestopper Lock Protector" a durable, long lasting and low maintenance addition to any locking system.

A tab extension at the bottom of the cover allows for effortless Single Hand Operation.  Recessed mounting holes in the base and self drilling screws make installation onto any surface quick and easy.

  • Height: 6.3cm (2.5")

  • Width: 5.0cm (1.9")

  • Base Depth: 1.4cm (0.55")

  • Base and Cover Depth: 2cm (0.79")


Proven protection for electronic access control systems


- False alarms
- Corruption of Audit Control Data
"No Problem, We've Got You Covered!"
Stop sign logo - Helps prevent accidental key bypass from occurring at facilities using "Prox" or "Card" readers.
Reminds all personnel that Manual Key Override is for Emergencies Only!
GS-STP:  Protects cylinders that are "Rarely Used" and probably "Never Maintained."
 GS-MR for use with       Mortise and Rim Cylinders
GS-UNIV Universal Fit with Base Opening 1.4375 in (37mm)
Cam Lock Adaptor Plate          (2) Cam Lock Diameters       3/4" Dia and 7/8" Dia
Euro-Profile Adaptor Plate                      
 Scandinavian Oval       Adapter Plate
GS-SPCR Spacer Kit                      for extra long cylinders
1/8 "" Thick Spacer 
(2) Spacers with GS-MR 

Made in canada - since 1998

GRIMESTOPPER "Weather Shield"


New Design

New cover design uses innovative recessed area in tab extension to effectively channel moisture away from the lock cylinder in the event of extremely adverse environmental conditions.


New Design Compatibility

Several new designs allow compatibility with numerous cylinder types and styles.


Laser Cut

Laser cut for precision stainless steel adaptor plates


Surface Protection- Silicone Shield

Every GrimeStopper "Weather Shield" is  "Hand-Tested" before it leaves our facility to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Silicone Shielding: AMLS Manufacturing applies a high grade silicone to protect the surface of all Grimestopper products as part of the regular assembly process. Subsequent applications of a surface protectant may be necessary depending upon type and degree of exposure.

Made in canada - since 1998


Because of the myriad of diverse environmental conditions that our products are subjected to, definitive time lines regarding surface appearance warranties are difficult to formulate. Here at AMLS Manufacturing we endeavor to provide a durable, long lasting finish that is capable of withstanding a variety of conditions. By following Manufacturer recommendations with regards to general maintenance, all GrimeStopper products are capable of functioning under normal operating parameters for extended periods of time.

This information is offered in good faith as typical value and not as a product specification. Each user should review this information in the specific context of the intended circumstances and determine its viability.