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Interested in becoming a distributor of the Grimestopper Weather Shield product ?
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Becoming a Distributor


Become a Distributor

Capitalize on this Untapped Market Opportunity.  If you qualify, AMLS Manufacturing will offer your company "rights" to a large sales territory with substantial price breaks on different quantity purchases.  We also provide samples for your sales people in the field.
AMLS Manufacturing is always looking for aggressive and motivated companies who are looking to expand their product line.

Lock Protection

Product Goals

Tough Conditions, Harsh Environments

Need help fighting the elements  ?               "We've Got You Covered!"                    Be Proactive - Stop Lockouts, The "GrimeStopper Weather Shield" will help keep dirt and moisture from entering the key way.

Lock Cover


Where to Buy

If you are not sure who carries the GRIMESTOPPER Weather Shield, check with your local locksmith.  If you need more help please contact AMLS MFG. "No Problem, We've got you covered!"